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Simplify Urban Services Management with a single platform tailored to your needs

And get full control of service management and savings of more than 30% in your day-to-day operations.

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GIS with advanced mapping

A powerful Open Source GIS, with which you will keep all your assets perfectly identified and updated. Analyze, query, generate reports and make the most of its many features.

GMAO integrated into your projects

The most appropriate way to manage your Work Orders, Incidents or plan your Preventive Maintenance actions fully integrated in each project. GMAO of INDIVA SaaS will incorporate the management of your Warehouse.

Telemanagement and Remote Control

Do you have Telemanageable devices and IoT networks within your infrastructure? With INDIVA SaaS you can act on your devices of: Lighting, Water, Green Zones, and in general, on any approved provider device, with prior authorization.

Multiproject and Multiuser

With INDIVA SaaS you will be able to manage in an agile and simple way as many Projects and Municipalities as you wish from a single Control Panel. All the management of your services in real time, which will help you make the best decisions.

Integration with other Platforms

Do you have other Urban software such as: Citizen Service, specific maintenance software, etc. and you would like to integrate it with INDIVA SaaS? We integrate your current solution with our system, under our ENTREPRISE format.

A SaaS platform SaaS modality that adapts to your needs

INDIVA SaaS is marketed in SaaS format to fully adapt to the needs of your management, both in terms of users and usage. Don’t pay more for tools and software that you don’t use.

Exploit your services more efficiently

INDIVA SaaS is an agile and intuitive solution that includes tools to facilitate the management and editing of different projects in a more user-friendly way.


  • Because you will be able to control all the processes and see the evolution of all your projects from the same place.
  • Because we import the data you work with and integrate your APIs at no additional cost.
  • Because you will have multiple functionalities adapted to the real needs of your service.


You will be able to visualize the most important information of all projects, in a simple and intuitive way with an intuitive and practical Dashboard.


Manage all municipalities by uploading the information you need in your project and performing a fully customizable maintenance for each municipality.


Generate as many users as you want with the different projects, assigning each of them the role and permission.
INDIVA adapts to the needs of your service.


The GIS viewer workspace has a palette of more than 20 tools grouped by functionalities. INDIVA contains a powerful GIS with which you will have countless possibilities.


With INDIVA’s GMAO tool you will be able to perform a total management and maintenance both at preventive and corrective level, among many other functionalities.


INDIVA has external equipment through Web API that will allow you to manage actions at all levels in a friendly, intuitive and easy to access way.

Choose the VERSION that best suits your service and you will get a simple and effective solution.


With ENERGY, from INDIVA SaaS you will efficiently manage the Public Lighting service. The lighting of your city perfectly optimized and under your control.

FROM 450 €

By Municipality and Year


ENVIRONMENT by INDIVA SaaS is the perfect tool for the management of Parks, Green and Infantile Zones and Irrigation Systems of your municipality. The Environment in the palm of your hand.

FROM 450 €

By Municipality and Year

Drinking Water and Sanitation

INDIVA SaaS WATER is the ideal solution for the control of your municipal water and sanitation service. Water control must be a fundamental priority in our daily lives.

FROM 450 €

By Municipality and Year


URBAN by INDIVA SaaS is the ideal solution to meet the basic day-to-day needs of your municipal service. The maintenance of infrastructures such as: FTTH networks, sidewalks, street cleaning, etc. just a click away.

FROM 450 €

By Municipality and Year


In INDIVA URBAN TECHNOLOGIES for those customers who request it and starting from the basis of INDIVA SaaS, we integrate our solution with other customer platforms, fully adapting to customer needs.

What do we offer you with our ENTERPRISE service?

We put at your disposal all our Development and Integration Department to connect and integrate INDIVA SaaS with other platforms through API Rest services, and all this at no additional initial cost*.

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Do you have IoT Devices, Citizen Service Platforms or any other type and would like to integrate them with our services?
Contact us and we will design the plan that best suits your needs.

If you already have a solution for your maintenance and you want to evolve it with INDIVA SaaS but you need to adapt it to your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a wide range of possibilities.

*See conditions


The INDIVA SaaS ENERGY platform allows us to have an integral solution for all the management of our Public Lighting services. We have controlled at all times the status and evolution of our municipalities. It significantly improves our day to day.

Felix Martin. Director Tecnico de ACEINSA

Thanks to INDIVA SaaS ENVIRONMENT we have simplified the management of Green Zones, Parks and Gardens of the Municipality substantially. The tool is simple and intuitive and easy to use by any worker. We have improved operational performance and operational control.

Antonio E. Funes. Ing. Tec. Municipal. Ayto. de Alcaudete

The potential of the INDIVA SaaS URBAN tool is spectacular in all aspects. Thanks to this platform we can quickly and efficiently manage the maintenance of more than 15 municipalities simultaneously, reporting real-time status to the contract manager. We forget about having different tools as they are all integrated in a unique way. We are very satisfied with both the product and the price.

José Devesa. Director Comercial de Qualitas-OSI

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know?

INDIVA SAAS is a global tool designed for the day-to-day maintenance of services such as: Public Lighting, Green Areas, Drinking Water and Sanitation, and Urban Services. Whether you are a private company or Public Administration, INDIVA SAAS adapts to the needs of your service, so that in an easy, efficient and low cost way you can manage the service you want with all the guarantees.

Versatility: The versatility of GMAO and the absolute integration with the GIS within each project, will allow you to graphically select the specific element for which we will determine the action.

Real Time: The generation of Orders, Incidents and Preventive Maintenance for execution by designated personnel, managed through IOS and Android devices, with real-time status verification (executed, pending execution, etc.).

Help Tour: Our motto “Do not use User Manual”. We have dedicated a lot of time to elaborate our Help Tour Tool that will describe you exhaustively not only where you are inside the application, but will define each and every one of the INDIVA SAAS Tools with GIFS and explanatory videos. Learning a platform has never been so simple.

Works Management: Do you have to execute or plan works of renovation of Public Lighting, change of Drinking Water Meters or other types of networks? With the GIS Works Management tool, you can make as many changes as you want, assigning them to the user or active company you want, knowing at all times the status of the planning.

Decision making: In its powerful GIS you will be able to make an exhaustive Graphic Analysis of the parameters you want of your project and export it to any format. Make the best decisions with this powerful tool.

Maintenance orders: Visualize the evolution and status of your maintenance actions on your map. All Maintenance Orders and Incidents will be easily activated with the GMAO Tool for GIS.

Whether you are a Services company or a Public Administration, with INDIVA SAAS you will manage all your projects in an easy way and making the best decision at all times.

If you have real data in whole or in part of the test municipality, you can upload them yourself and use the entire system with such data. On the other hand and in addition to this, INDIVA SAAS provides you with a municipality with fictitious data on which you can use all the tools, without having to use your own data. Example:

  • In the case of Public Lighting, a municipality with Luminaires, Command Centers, etc. is provided.
  • In the case of Drinking Water, a municipality is provided with Connected Networks, Meters, etc.
  • In the case of Green Areas, a municipality with trees and similar configuration is provided.
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